This past week/weekend Evan did an amazing job finding appliances for the house. On Friday he drove to Concord and picked up a stackable washer & dryer. We will be putting those in the closet below the master closet and hopefully adding a laundry "chute" (more like a trap door in this case)! I am very excited for that bit. Evan carried these past the first entry stairs all by himself on Friday and then on Sunday I helped him move them into the house. Here they are waiting to be taken in. 


On Saturday we drove to Redwood City to pick up a 32" wide refrigerator that fits perfectly into the original space for a refrigerator. Evan had been thinking about widening that area into the laundry room to allow for a bigger one, but decided this would be best. So instead of widening it sideways, he will be making the space deeper. The original design calls for a counter depth appliance, but this way, there will be more room for storage within the refrigerator. The closet he is taking space away from behind it will still be useable. But as perfect as it is, moving it in was a bit of a pain...